When looking for a home to call your own, budget and location come first, and then comes all the things that will attract you to the home instantly. Sellers, agents, and buyers: Here are some of the top things people look for when searching for a home:

1. Outdoor Living Space:

Buyers are attracted to homes that offer an outdoor area, especially if they have a family, or are planning on expanding their family soon. As a seller, take the time to make sure your outdoor area is tidy, safe and appealing for potential buyers. While working on the outdoor of the home, A well lit exterior is a great way to boost attraction to the house even before buyers enter the home.

2. Flooring:

Hardwood, or recently polished marble floors give a cleaner, sophisticated look to the home as soon as a potential buyer steps foot in the door. Area rugs in the living room can also give off a nice cozy vibe. If you do have carpeting, it makes a big difference in appearance to get it cleaned professionally.

3. Open Kitchen:
Most buyers are drawn to kitchens with the following:

-Plenty of counter space.

– Updated cabinets.

– Islands with stools, or a space for an eat-in table.

4. Roomy Laundry Space:
A spacious laundry area is a plus. Many buyers want ample room for hampers, a washer and dryer, and a place for folding and hanging clothes.

5. In-Home Office:
Approximately 8 million Americans work from home, and many others have the flexibility to do so. This is a trend that continues to rise, thus making a home office an important asset to a home buyer. If you don’t have a designated office space, a den, or closed off area away from entertainment rooms can help buyers imagine a future home office.

6. Renovated Bathrooms:

Upgraded, modern looking bathrooms is an essential for sellers to offer. Declutter the showers and sink counter space of any extra toiletries to enhance the feeling of a clean atmosphere. Check that all the plumbing is working correctly before hosting any open house events, and prior to confirming a showing with your agent, or the buyer directly.

7. Storage Space:

Moving and readjusting to a new space requires room for storage, especially for growing families. The first place buyers may look at to evaluate storage space is in the garage. Sellers: Do you have a garage? Does your garage have shelving, or portable cabinets for storage? If not, consider adding these assets to your garage for an appeal boost. While touring the home, buyers will also usually keep an eye out for extra closet space in hallways, and in bedrooms to store bedding and miscellaneous items.

8. Energy Efficiency:
As homeowners increasingly value sustainability and environment-friendly lifestyles, energy-efficient homes become more and more popular. According to Architect Magazine, Millennials expect energy-efficient features in their new homes. The National Association of Realtors conducted a survey in which nearly 10% of people 34 years or younger said that in order to live in a greener home, they would be willing to invest more in their purchase to do better for the environment and save on utility costs.   

9. Low Maintenance Costs:

This is another big factor home buyers lookout for, especially for millennials purchasing their first home. The less upkeep and repairs required, the more appeal and confidence a home buyer will have in closing the deal.

10. Smart Home Technology:

In our rapidly growing digital world, many new home buyers expect their prospective homes to keep up with technology trends. Being able to control the lights, security system, shopping deliveries, and in some advanced cases- even your oven from the touch of a button on your smartphone is a major incentive for younger buyers.

For sellers (and their agents) it is helpful to know what buyers are looking for to make your home standout in the market, whether you can feature some, or all of the top things. For future home buyers, do you have any other top features you are looking for? Contact us at A&D Mortgage to begin evaluating your budget and preapproval and get started on house-hunting.