Now that the busy holiday schedule has completely wound down, you and your home can get a well-deserved break. It’s a great time to focus on repairing and improving your home before spring sets in with more social activities. The chilly temperatures and evenings of entertaining guests may have worn on your house more than you realize. Below, we’ve noted a few parts of your home that could use some extra love this February.

Replace your air filter

To combat the brisk winter weather, your heating system has likely been used quite a bit over the past few months. It’s important to replace the air filter in your HVAC every few months to ensure the air is clean and the mechanism is working as it should.  Replacing your air filter isn’t the most exciting project, but it can improve the air quality in your home and also have an effect on your energy efficiency. You may even save some money on your energy bill by changing the filter regularly.

According to, the air filter should be replaced every 90 days for the average suburban home. If you have pets, the timeframe between filters should be shortened to 60 days.

Clean your kitchen

Cleaning and clearing clutter are the quickest ways to make you home look great, and this particular project can help keep you an your family healthy. After cooking holiday meals and baking sweet winter treats, your kitchen has been through a lot. It’s a good time to deep-clean appliances, like your oven and refrigerator, and remove grease that may have built up on surfaces. You may be surprised to find how many oils have made their way onto cabinets!

While you’re at it, this is also a good opportunity to clean the vent above your oven. This project will help to ensure the appliance continues to work efficiently, and will prevent your home from being filled with smoke while cooking.

Check your roof

Snow and ice can be tough on your roof. Add strong winds and pools of melted snow to that stress, and your roof may need a little attention. Inspect the surface of your roof and check for cracks, broken shingles, or any areas that appear weak or eroded. A little sealant or patch work could fix the issue before it really starts. You’ll be glad that you marked this task off your list when the spring rainy season hits!

Clear mildew from your bathroom

Since your house has been sealed up to retain heat over the past few months, it may be lacking an appropriate air flow. Places where moisture collects, like your bathroom, may be at risk of developing mildew or mold. Scrub surfaces thoroughly, and be sure to especially check crevices or areas where standing water may have gotten trapped.

If mildew buildup continues to be an ongoing problem, consider getting  a window squeegee to remove excess water from walls and tiles after shower use. And if you discover mold, have it removed by a specialist, as it can be a health risk to you and your family.

Check out your dryer vent

This last one is very important during and after the winter months. The outside vent for your dryer could be blocked by snow or ice build up, and therefore not be functioning appropriately. Make sure that the vent is clear of all debris and allowing the warm air from your dryer to escape your home. A blocked vent can diminish the efficiency of your appliance, and it can also put your home at risk for a dryer fire.