There are countless ways to upgrade a home, and many people don’t even know where to start when prioritizing home improvement projects. A good way to decide which home improvement projects will have the most impact is to take a look at your motivations for improving your home in the first place.

Upgrading a home to make it better for yourself and your family may consist of adding bedrooms, breaking down walls to create a more open space, or remodeling a bathroom to include a double-sink.  For homeowners who are making improvements to sell their property, the prioritization list should consist of projects that will make the most impact in the eyes of future buyers, with a reasonable investment for the current owner. Below we outlined a few projects that can make a big difference when selling your home

Fresh paint

One of the best things that you can do to improve the overall look of your home is adding a fresh coat of paint. Fresh paint can make the exterior of your home inviting, and brighten the interior of your home as well. As compared to other home improvement options, fresh paint is one of the less expensive projects. If you are adding paint to the exterior of your home, it is also important to be thoughtful about the color you choose. A bright or unusual color may make your home stand out, but it could also be a turn off to potential buyers.


Another improvement that can entice buyers at first site is landscaping. This is more of a property improvement than a home improvement, but it can still make quite an impactful difference on the sales price of a home. Good landscaping will show buyers that a property has been well cared for, and it will draw them from the exterior to the interior. It is important to be strategic with landscaping to ensure that the front yard looks clear and clean, and includes a clear path to the door.


Adding a Fence

A fence can help a property’s curb appeal, and helps with the property’s privacy. It can also be a great asset for buyers who have pets or young children. Much like choosing a paint color, the type of fence that you choose to add is very important. Some fences, like chain link fences, may hurt the curb appeal of a home more than helping it. If a property has a chain link fence in the front yard, you may consider replacing it with a different type of fence before selling.

New Front Door or Garage Door

A new front door is consistently named as one of the home improvements that will “pay you back” at sale. It can be a fairly inexpensive investment (relative to other home improvement costs), and it is front and center when buyers visit your property. US News also noted that a new Garage door can offer an 85% return on investment. If your current garage door is working just fine, this improvement may not be on the top of your list, but don’t overlook the power of garage improvement on your home as a whole!

New Appliances

This is another improvement can is fairy simple, but could be overlooked. Many buyers want a move-in ready home, an updated appliances can be a huge selling point. It may also be seen as a bonus if they had the expectation of purchasing new appliances after buying a home. If you don’t have a budget available to replace all of your kitchen appliances, try to focus on the ones that are the most out of date, or the ones that stand out the most among the rest. Remember to make sure the new appliances match the others well! A uniform look is an important concept when it comes to staging your home for potential buyers.