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In an effort to make Non-Qm loans a whole lot easier, A&D Mortgage has made the following changes/additions to the guidelines:

Features :

  • N/O/O with a DSCR of 1.15% will now be able to go 80% LTV !
  • We added a 1099 for income product which allows schedule C borrowers to qualify without tax returns!
  • Bank Statement products will now have 2 additional choices to qualify income in addition to a self-prepared P&L.
  • Borrowers can utilize a straight 50% Expense Ratio and not require a P&L OR borrowers can request an expense letter from their tax preparer or CPA explaining what the expense ratio is for their business.
  • *New to Bank Statement Program: *Qualified Paypal and Zelle deposits  ok 
  • Waive Escrow ok for O/O & SH transactions
  • No Credit Score OK! 
  • New Construction PUDs up to 80% LTV (FL Max LTV 75%)
  • No seasoning requirements for Cash Out refinances
  • 100% Gift ok for Owner Occupied loans max LTV 80%
  • Overdraft Protection will NOT be counted as an NSF
  • POAs ok for O/O & SH
  • Asset Utilization can now do a Cash Out refinance transaction
  • Age of documents now allowable up to 120 days!