A&D Market Digest for Week of 6/24/24

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June 26, 2024

Is the housing market about to crash? Are sky-high interest rates here to stay? A&D Market Digest is here to cut through the confusion and deliver valuable market insights. This episode features an exclusive interview with Nick Polyushkin, an experienced real estate and mortgage expert. He’s got the pulse of the market and is ready to share his expertise. From negotiation strategies to financing options for investors, this episode is your one-stop shop for success! 

Key Highlights

  • The low mortgage rates of recent years as a key factor in keeping the housing market from crashing 
  • How current inventory levels and market dynamics can benefit homebuyers 
  • The role of persistence and finding the right niche in real estate and mortgage business success 
  • The benefits of real estate agents and mortgage brokers working hand in hand 
  • Strategies for mortgage brokers to increase their effectiveness 
  • Social media as a key tool for mortgage brokers to connect with clients 
  • Key financing programs for investors 
  • A&D Mortgage’s variety of programs to help investors and homebuyers 

These are just a few intel drops from Nick’s treasure trove of knowledge. Watch the full interview to learn the complete market intel package and the strategies you need to become a successful mortgage broker. 

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