Heter Iska

Here at A&D Mortgage LLC, we are committed to meeting the unique needs of our diverse customer base. As part of our efforts to accommodate our Jewish clientele, we are proud to inform you that we offer a Heter Iska, a contractual agreement designed to comply with the laws of Ribbis.

Having received our certification (Certification ID — K-613) from the KFI (Kosher Financial Institute), we are ready to offer you a Heter Iska in order to comply with Jewish law.


How to execute the Heter Iska?

A customer wishing to execute a Heter Iska with us must sign Heter Iska ID-K-613, which will convert the underlying account or loan into an investment structure that adheres to Jewish law.

For a copy of the KFI Kosher Certification and more information, please click below or follow this link: K-613 (kfikosher.org)

Heter Iska Resolution

We appreciate and respect the faith and principles of all our customers. By adopting a Heter Iska, we continue our mission to create an inclusive and understanding banking environment for all.

About to KFI

The Kosher Financial Institute (KFI) is the Kosher Supervision Body for the banking and lending industry. The KFI ensures that financial transactions comply with Jewish law. It allows the Jewish community to bank comfortably while adhering to Jewish principles.

For any mortgage loan made to you by A&D Mortgage as detailed on the note and all other mortgage loan documents that may violate the Laws of Ribbis, the mortgage loan will instead be structured as an investment.

In exchange for the mortgage funds, you will manage your real estate and other Halachically permissible investments in the way most advantageous to A&D Mortgage, and A&D Mortgage will share any profits and losses from the investment. Under no circumstances will A&D Mortgage have any liability above the actual funds advanced. If you make all your payments as provided in the Note, then the Iska terminates and all profits and losses may be retained by you. The Iska will also terminate when A&D Mortgage sells the mortgage loan to a party not subject to the Laws of Ribbis.

If you have any further questions, you may reach us at compliance@admortgage.com