Don't waste valuable time calculating your borrower's income! We'll do it for you!

Our dedicated Concierge Service team will analyze your clients’ bank statements and provide you with the monthly qualifying income for the file.

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As a partner of A&D Mortgage, you get to benefit from the free and exclusive Concierge Services, so you won't have to worry about the qualifying income of your self-employed borrowers when applying for Bank Statement Programs.

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How does Concierge Service work?

  • Upload 3.4 file
  • Choose bank statement program
  • Upload 12/24 Month Bank Statement and request Concierge Service.

We will not only calculate income for you within 24 hours but tell you if the file is qualified!

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We do our best to provide tools and resources to make your life easier.

As such, we are proud to offer concierge service for you free and exclusively.

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