AD Mortgage

Don’t Struggle With Appraisals

Don’t Struggle With Appraisals

A&D Mortgage has a centralized appraisal management system, AD Appraisal Center, that allows you to save time and stress of logging into multiple accounts at different AMCs.

Why AD Appraisal Center is Great:

  • Single point of entry and interface for all appraisal AMCs
  • Pick AMC of choice and not need to become an approved broker for each AMC
  • Get live quotes and compare prices from different AMCs within a single portal
  • Can select from dozens of different AMCs and place an order at the same time
  • AMCs will be continually added and evaluated to increase Broker choice
  • Ability to communicate and rebut appraisals in one location
  • Track status of each and every appraisal order
  • One-click payment processing to the borrower
  • Centralized communication platform to track comments and conversations between AMC and Broker for each appraisal.