Price Your Non-QM Loans Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device with Quick Pricer

June 14, 2022
Price Your Non-QM Loans Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device with Quick Pricer

A&D Mortgage has an enhanced Non-QM pricing tool that makes running your scenarios faster, easier, and more comprehensive than ever before. Our Quick Pricer allows you to input the borrower’s information and receive multiple lending options that best fit their criteria with the lowest available rates.

Why you should use Quick Pricer

  • New and improved, intuitive interface for Non-QM scenarios
  • Show your client what their expected monthly payment and interest rate will be
  • Quicker selections by citizenship type, income types, occupancy, and transaction purpose
  • Easily identify visually if your client is eligible and get hints on how to fix it
  • Make immediate scenario adjustments
  • State-specific eligibility factors built-in
  • Allows for no FICO scenarios
  • Visibility of potential pre-penalties for investment loans by state

As a mortgage broker, your clients rely on your expertise to find them the best deals. Our Quick Pricer tool can be an invaluable asset in your quest to secure the most advantageous mortgage rates. Be sure to explore our Programs section for additional resources tailored to your needs. If you have specific scenarios in mind, don’t hesitate to request them; we’re here to assist you. And if you’re interested in joining forces to provide even more value to your clients, consider becoming a partner with us. Together, we can empower individuals and families to achieve their dreams of homeownership.