July 2024 Broker Connection Video with CEO Max Slyusarchuk

July 10, 2024

Welcome to our latest blog post where we bring you all the highlights from the Q2 2024 Broker Connection video with our CEO, Max Slyusarchuk. In this installment, Max shares significant updates and insights designed to enhance your business and streamline your processes. Let’s dive into the key points discussed in the video.

1. Launch of AIM

Max began by expressing his gratitude to all our partners for their invaluable feedback and support in launching AIM. The new broker portal has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its fluid, user-friendly, and contemporary design. Brokers are finding it much easier to navigate, register, and lock in files seamlessly. This upgrade is set to significantly enhance your workflow, making your processes more efficient and enjoyable.

2. Introduction of A&D Advantage Program

Next up, Max introduced the A&D Advantage Program, set to launch very soon. This exciting new initiative allows brokers to earn points for submitting and closing loans quickly. These points can be redeemed for various valuable benefits, such as appraisal discounts, reduced rates, and extended locks. This program is designed to reward our partners for their efficiency and dedication, making it easier for you to deliver exceptional service to your clients.

3. Self-Disclosure Solution

Max also announced the September launch of our Self-Disclosure solution, an innovative tool that allows brokers to handle loan disclosures independently and instantly. This new feature eliminates wait times and enhances efficiency, enabling you to manage disclosures without needing to wait for approvals. It’s a game-changer that will streamline your processes and improve your overall productivity.

4. Commitment to Transparency

In alignment with the CFPB’s initiative to eliminate exploitative junk fees, Max emphasized our commitment to fair and transparent service. At A&D Mortgage, we pride ourselves on providing honest and reliable service with no hidden fees. Our dedication to transparency ensures that you and your clients can trust us to deliver straightforward and fair financial solutions.

5. Enhanced DSCR Program

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Great news for brokers working with high DSCRs! Max announced that our DSCR loan program has been significantly improved. For DSCRs over 1.25, you can now offer your borrowers substantially better rates, making our program even more competitive and attractive. This enhancement helps you provide the best possible deals to your clients, further cementing your reputation as a trusted advisor.

6. Economic Outlook

Max concluded with some positive news about the economic outlook. He shared his excitement about the Federal Reserve’s plans to cut rates this year, with more cuts expected next year. This development promises a surge in business opportunities as interest rates start to decline, creating a favorable environment for brokers and borrowers alike.

We hope these updates provide you with valuable insights and tools to enhance your business and better serve your clients. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and don’t forget to watch the full Q2 2024 Broker Connection video for all the details!

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. Here’s to a successful quarter and beyond!