A&D Market Digest for Week of 4/15/24

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April 15, 2024

A&D Digest is back with exciting news and updates designed to revolutionize your mortgage lending experience. In this episode, Nick Avgustinov, Director of IT at A&D Mortgage, shares insights into A&D Mortgage’s suite of innovative tools designed to streamline your workflow, strengthen client relationships, and reward your hard work. 

Key Highlights

  • AIM (Artificial Intelligence in Mortgages) – enhanced Broker Portal powered by AI: intuitive design, improved pipeline management, seamless collaboration, automated workflows, boosted security infrastructure
  • Leader – CRM system for mortgage brokers: effective management of client interactions, automated and scheduled email communications
  • ADvantage Broker Loyalty Program: rewarding for commitment to A&D with exclusive benefits and merchandise
  • A&D’s continued innovation: automated disclosures, enhanced collaboration tools, and a mobile-friendly portal
  • A&D’s focus on Conventional lending: adding experienced account executives with established relationships to the A&D team
  • Educational initiatives: an upcoming webinar on Conventional Mortgages for First-time Buyers and Affordable Homeownership

The launch of new tools begins on April 15th! AIM leads the charge, followed by the Loyalty Program and CRM in mid-May. Stay tuned for more details! 

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Mortgage News

  • NMN U.S. property taxes rose nearly 7% in 2023. Total single-family property taxes nearly doubled the rate at which they rose in 2023, increasing by 6.9% to $363.3 billion, according to data from 89.4 million homes analyzed by Attom. 
  • Scotsman GuideUntangle the Confusion. For many Americans, the dream of homeownership seems increasingly out of reach, compounded by a confluence of economic factors: soaring prices, fluctuating interest rates and a frustrating lack of inventory. Beneath the surface of these well-documented challenges lies a more insidious barrier: a pervasive lack of knowledge and understanding about the housing market. 
  • NMP Lower Interest Rates Do Not Always Help Affordability.  Interest rates are in the hot seat, with many in the industry holding the common belief that even a slight decrease in basis points will improve housing affordability. But housing affordability also depends on house prices, which have competing effects; when interest rates increase, house prices tend to decline. 

Upcoming Webinars

Conventional Mortgages for First-time Buyers and Affordable Homeownership

April 18 @ 1:00 pm EST

Conventional Mortgages for First-time Buyers and Affordable Homeownership


Are you ready to enhance your expertise and empower your clients with the knowledge they need to achieve affordable homeownership? Join our experts Andrew Taylor, Senior Vice President of Wholesale Lending Sales, and Brennen Moloney, Underwriting Team Lead. We’ll discuss strategies for assisting first-time homebuyers in qualifying for Conventional loans, review affordable housing programs, and learn how to overcome common challenges in mortgage underwriting. Gain invaluable insights into navigating Conventional mortgages for first-time buyers and making homeownership dreams a reality.

A&D's Technology: Your Portal to a Bigger Pipeline

April 25 @ 1:00 pm EST

A&D's Technology: Your Portal to a Bigger Pipeline


Revolutionize your mortgage pipeline and elevate your business at our upcoming webinar diving into cutting-edge mortgage technology. Our speaker, Irin Right, Broker Support Team Lead, will share valuable insights and strategies. Explore advanced tech solutions for a bigger pipeline, efficiency, accuracy, and improved client experiences. Get a sneak peek at our upgraded Broker Portal and learn about our loyalty program for exclusive rewards. Gain a competitive edge in the mortgage market with A&D's technology.

A&D Mortgage News Brokers Industry News Non-QM Loans