Fannie Mae Multi-Unit LTVs up to 95% and FHA Loans Reduced 25 bps

November 13, 2023
Fannie Mae Multi-Unit LTVs up to 95% and FHA Loans Reduced 25 bps

A&D Mortgage is elevating the game for real estate investors with some Fannie Mae news! We’re now offering a game-changing 2-4 Unit LTVs up to 95%, fully aligned with Fannie Mae guidelines. Plus, we’re rolling out a substantial pricing improvement on FHA loans with a 25 basis point reduction!

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Effective immediately, we welcome locks and registrations for Fannie Mae 2-4 unit loans. To ensure a seamless process, loans must close on or after November 18, and it is essential to include a valid DU® Approve/Eligible certificate dated before the note date and consistent with the terms of the closed loan. Please note, this exciting change does not apply to high-balance mortgage loans.

This is a pivotal move for Fannie Mae DU casefiles submitted or resubmitted on or after the weekend of November 18, 2023, where the maximum allowable LTV for 2-4 unit, primary residence, purchase, and limited cash-out refinance transactions will be 95%.

In a challenging market, A&D Mortgage brings solutions that matter. Enhance your portfolio with our improved LTVs and benefit from more competitive FHA loan pricing. Let’s drive success for your clients together!


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