Mortgage Mavericks: Chelsea Peitz

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November 06, 2023
Mortgage Mavericks: Chelsea Peitz

In this series, we sit down with prominent individuals in the mortgage industry to glean invaluable insights and perspectives. From renowned lenders and brokers to influential regulators and industry experts, we dive deep into their experiences, strategies, and vision for the future. Join us as we uncover the secrets of success, explore emerging trends, and gain expert advice from these mortgage mavens. Our latest interview is with Chelsea Peitz.

Chelsea Peitz is a true powerhouse in the world of real estate, marketing, and coaching. With over a decade of successful experience as a full-time REALTOR, Chelsea’s expertise is unrivaled. In 2011, she fearlessly embraced a new path, delving into the realms of marketing, social media, and coaching for real estate agents. A influential keynote speaker, Chelsea is one of the foremost industry experts in the captivating “science of the screen-to-screen” connection. Her exceptional ability to convey the intricacies of neuroscience and its impact on building trust, affinity, and connections through social media videos is truly remarkable. Within just one session, she leaves a lasting impact, transforming mindsets and resonating with audiences.

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Carl:  Chelsea, you’ve had a remarkable journey from being a full-time REALTOR to becoming a prominent figure in marketing and social media coaching for real estate professionals. Can you share some key moments or experiences that led to this transition?

Chelsea: My journey into real estate coaching wasn’t something I had planned. It all began with a simple meet-up where I was helping a few agents grasp the ins and outs of Snapchat. What started as a small gathering in a cramped conference room quickly grew to twenty people squeezed into a private room at Panera. Before I knew it, I found myself speaking in front of thousands at national conferences.

But somewhere along the way, while I was teaching professionals in the real estate and mortgage industry how to harness the power of social media for community building, both online and offline, I stumbled upon my true passion – teaching and mentoring.

I was fueled by an innate curiosity to understand the “why,” “what,” and “how” of digital marketing, especially when paired with the personal touch of one’s own brand. I started developing clear and accessible frameworks and concepts to make these principles easy to grasp, mainly for myself. Surprisingly, these frameworks and methodologies not only became valuable teaching tools but also turned into practical social media strategies that others could easily apply.

Carl: Your expertise in the “science of the screen to screen” connection is widely recognized. What are some fundamental principles that real estate agents can apply to build meaningful connections with their audience through social media?

Chelsea: There is a universal truth that “Faces Take You Places” which simply means that seeing someone’s face even thru a screen is enough to create familiarity, likeability and even trust.

My framework called the “Brain Branding Benchmarks” outlines three scientifically backed reasons we build trust online:

  1. Your brain is built to recognize, interpret & connect with faces. By showing your face (and making eye contact at scale) in video or photos you accelerate the trust building process
  2. Familiarity creates likability. The more we see your face, the more we begin to feel like you’re familiar to us.
  3. Real-time shared experiences provide an opportunity to create a connection with others we’ve never met through the human experience of emotion & relatability

The summary: Sharing your face, your personality and your perspective are the key to creating “original” content AND context that will connect you to your community.

If you’re experiencing “video insecurity” the best place to start is short unscripted one to one videos to people you already like, know and trust.

Carl: “Talking in Pictures” is a unique book that delves into the impact of cameras and real-time social media on communication. Can you explain how this transformation in video communication has affected the real estate industry and personal branding?

Chelsea: The title of my first book was inspired by a quote from the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, who said “so many parents see their teens taking photos of random things all day long and wonder what they’re doing. What they don’t realize is that their kids aren’t preserving memories, they’re talking.”

Every video you create that features your face, voice, personality, and unique perspective is an opportunity to fast-track trust-building in the minds of your audience- and the best part – It doesn’t cost a thing. You’re literally making eye contact at scale, a vital component of forging meaningful connections.

Remarkably, our brains can’t differentiate between encountering a face on a screen and meeting in person.

The combination of seeing your face in “real-ish” time and the ability to privately communicate with you is the unique reason that creating video content that shows your face, personality & perspective will accelerate online trust and lead to more referrals.

Carl: Your best-selling book, “What to Post,” is a valuable resource for creating engaging social media content. Can you share a few practical tips from the book that can help real estate professionals enhance their online presence?

Chelsea: There are 6 pillars of my content methodology that helps real estate and mortgage humans create content that aligns with their humanity.

One of the simplest pillars I can share that will make an immediate impact in leveraging the algorithm to show more of your content to your community in the future AND help you create a memorable personal brand is the concept of becoming a Superfan.

Become a superfan of other people’s content with intention and humanity. Your past clients, current clients and referral partners who are using social media to post content are the ideal candidates for you to support through post comments and direct messages.

I call this “Less Contenting; More Commenting.” Your most important content is your conversations and let’s be honest, there’s no easier way to scale those interactions than social media. You don’t need someone’s email or phone number to connect with them.

The algorithm takes notice of WHO you are engaging with on their platforms and predict that you likely want to see (and be seen) by those accounts. The summary: who you talk to matters! The algorithm will show more of your future content to the accounts with whom you engage.

The best part? You don’t have to make a video, create a Canva template or edit anything to do this!

Carl: Many major real estate brands have sought your expertise in personal branding and social media. What are some common challenges you’ve encountered in the industry, and how do you help brands and professionals overcome them?

Chelsea: Every real estate & mortgage pro wants to be relevant, relatable & referable with a consistent flow of qualified, ready-to-work-with-you leads who already like, know and trust them. In a reputation-dependent business, they know that building trust online directly impacts their bottom-line but they’re not full-time digital marketers nor do they want to become professional content creators or online influencers.

But they’re overwhelmed by too many social media platforms, underconfident about what to post and unprepared to execute an effective social media strategy that will turn followers into clients.

I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with several major real estate brands, and in doing so, I’ve identified recurring challenges in the industry. When working to address these challenges, my approach focuses on delivering practical solutions and guidance:

  • Visibility and Differentiation: Many real estate professionals struggle with distinguishing themselves in a competitive market and gaining visibility. To tackle this, I emphasize the significance of personal branding. I help professionals uncover their unique selling points and guide them in crafting a compelling and authentic brand narrative that resonates with their target audience.
  • Adapting to Technology: The real estate industry constantly evolves due to technological advancements, posing an ongoing challenge for professionals looking to stay updated and effectively integrate digital tools and social media platforms into their business strategies. I offer training and insights on the latest tech trends and best practices, ensuring they leverage these tools for maximum impact.
  • Content Creation and Engagement: Maintaining a consistent online presence and creating engaging content can be demanding. To address this, I provide strategies for content creation, social media management, and audience engagement. I encourage professionals to share their stories, offer valuable insights, and establish an authentic online presence that fosters trust and connection.
  • Building Trust: Establishing trust with clients is crucial in real estate, especially in the digital age. Many professionals find this challenging. I guide them on using social media and personal branding to create a transparent and trustworthy image, which includes showcasing their expertise, sharing client testimonials, and addressing common concerns openly.

In summary, my approach centers around personal branding, technology adaptation, content creation, and trust-building solutions, all aimed at empowering real estate brands and professionals to navigate the industry successfully and establish a strong, authentic online presence that resonates with their audience.

Carl: You’re known for coaching and educating thousands of agents and loan officers each year. What are some common misconceptions or myths you often have to debunk when it comes to social media and personal branding in the real estate sector?

Chelsea: In the world of 2024’s social media and content creation, let’s clear up some common myths, from thinking more posts beat better quality to the idea that a massive following equals influence, so you can navigate the digital landscape with a clearer perspective:

  1. Quantity Over Quality: A prevalent myth is that posting frequently is more important than creating high-quality content. In reality, the emphasis should be on delivering valuable, well-crafted content that resonates with your audience. Quality trumps quantity for audience engagement and trust.
  2. Algorithm Mastery Equals Success: Some believe that cracking social media algorithms is the key to success. While understanding algorithms is important, genuine engagement, authenticity, and valuable content are equally, if not more, crucial for building a loyal following.
  3. Instant Virality: There’s a misconception that one viral post will lead to overnight success. Viral moments are rare, and sustainable growth requires consistent effort and a well-defined content strategy.
  4. One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Assuming that the same content and tactics will work across all social platforms is a misconception. Each platform has its own unique audience, format, and best practices. Tailoring content for specific platforms is essential for success.
  5. Follower Count Equals Influence: It’s a common misconception that having many followers automatically equates to influence. Influence is more about the quality of your engagement and the impact you have on your audience. Micro-influencers with smaller, highly engaged followings can be just as influential as those with huge follower counts.
  6. Content Should Be Evergreen: While evergreen content is valuable, assuming that all your content should be timeless is a myth. Current and trending topics can be equally important for staying relevant and building a dynamic online presence. Mixing evergreen and trending content often yields the best results.

Carl: Could you share some insights into how you approach your keynote speeches and presentations, particularly when teaching about the neuroscience of brain connection, affinity, and trust in social media video?

Chelsea: I’m constantly working on improving my keynote presentation skills. Let’s be honest, public speaking can make anyone squirm, and sharing a video with your coworkers and watching it together is no picnic either. But, much like there’s a secret sauce for creating ad copy that gets people moving and crafting movie characters we all fall for, keynotes have their own special recipe too!

In my keynote speeches and presentations, my approach revolves around a deep understanding of my audience. This means tailoring the content to their specific needs, whether they are new to the topic or seasoned professionals. I emphasize the power of storytelling and utilize real-life examples to explain the neuroscience of brain connection, affinity, and trust in social media video.

To make the content engaging and memorable, I incorporate visuals, multimedia, and interactive elements. Practical application is a key focus, ensuring the audience leaves with actionable strategies for enhancing their social media video content and building trust. I encourage interaction during my presentations to deepen the audience’s understanding and emphasize the importance of empathy and authenticity in fostering human connections.

Overall, my approach is characterized by audience-centricity, engaging storytelling, practicality, interaction, and a genuine commitment to conveying the neuroscience of connection and trust in the realm of social media video.

Carl: Podcasting has become a popular medium for sharing knowledge and insights. As an award-nominated podcast creator and host of the Chelsea Peitz Podcast, what inspired you to start the podcast, and what kind of topics do you typically explore in your episodes?

Chelsea: Starting the Chelsea Peitz Podcast was like embarking on a journey driven by my passion for sharing knowledge and insights in an engaging and accessible way. Podcasting, with its growing popularity, felt like the perfect vehicle for this endeavor.

Hearing someone’s voice on a podcast creates an intimate and immediate connection because it engages a fundamental human sense: hearing. When we listen to someone speak, we not only absorb their words but also the nuances of their tone, pace, and emotion. This auditory experience goes beyond written text and allows us to perceive the speaker’s personality and authenticity. The voice becomes a vehicle for conveying not just information but also the speaker’s character and passion. This personal connection established through the auditory channel often makes listeners feel like they’re having a direct conversation with the podcaster, fostering a deeper sense of trust, empathy, and engagement.

In my podcast, you can expect a wide array of topics that revolve around real estate, marketing, social media, and personal development. These are subjects that resonate with me both professionally and personally, and I believe they offer practical guidance for real estate professionals and anyone looking to level up in their careers.

My goal is to provide actionable insights and spark thought-provoking discussions in each episode. Through the podcast, I aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their careers and enrich their lives. It’s all about staying informed, inspired, and continually growing.

Carl: The real estate industry is constantly evolving. What do you see as the most significant trends or changes on the horizon in terms of personal branding and social media for real estate professionals?

Chelsea: The real estate industry is indeed in a constant state of evolution, and when it comes to personal branding and social media for real estate professionals, there are some significant trends and changes that stand out:

  1. The Uniqueness of Personal Branding: One of the enduring aspects of personal branding is that it’s not just a passing trend. Your character, personality, perspective, and unique life experiences represent the only truly original content in the world, and these qualities are inherently human. Sharing your personal stories and inviting others to engage in shared experiences, even through a digital screen, has a scientifically proven ability to establish genuine connections with our brains. In this rapidly changing landscape, the authenticity of one’s personal brand remains paramount.
  2. The Power of Storytelling and Relationship Building: Storytelling and relationship building have always been at the heart of successful personal branding. These timeless techniques will continue to be pivotal for real estate professionals as they engage with their audience and create lasting connections. Sharing your personal and professional stories is a potent way to build trust and foster meaningful relationships with clients and peers.
  3. Evolution of the Medium – Embracing Video: While the essence of personal branding remains constant, the medium through which it is conveyed is evolving, with video at the forefront. Video content has become increasingly essential in the real estate industry. It allows professionals to provide virtual property tours, share insights, and establish a more personal and engaging connection with their audience. As technology advances, real estate professionals need to adapt and make the most of video as a vehicle for their personal branding efforts.

In summary, the world of personal branding and social media for real estate professionals is marked by the enduring importance of authenticity, storytelling, and relationship-building, as well as the evolving role of video as a means to convey these principles. As the industry continues to change, professionals who embrace these trends will be better positioned to connect with their audience and succeed in this dynamic field.

Carl:  Finally, Chelsea, you’ve mentioned your family and your rescue chihuahuas. How do you balance your professional commitments with your personal life, and do you have any advice for others looking to find that balance in their lives?

Chelsea: My absolute favorite place in the world is right alongside my family. We place a high priority on spending quality time together, which is why I’m quite selective about the number of keynote events I take on each year. It’s not just about work; I firmly believe in maintaining a daily routine that contributes to both my mental and emotional well-being. In my schedule, you’ll find appointments not only for work meetings but also for moments of meditation and yoga – it’s all part of the balance.

A recent change I’ve made to my daily rhythm is to dial back on social media consumption. Now, you might find this surprising coming from a social media coach, but my true passion is using these platforms to connect with others and create a positive space for my own mental and emotional health.

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