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Qualify Borrowers with 1 & 2 Year P&Ls

Qualify Borrowers with 1 & 2 Year P&Ls

Self-employed individuals have a more difficult time qualifying for a traditional mortgage. At A&D Mortgage, we offer our Non-QM 1-year and 2-year P&L Only loans to help them qualify with LTVs up to 85%.

Borrowers can qualify for an A&D loan based on the strength of their business’s Profit & Loss (P&L) statement only. No bank statements are required.

P&L Program Highlights

  • FICO 580
  • Up to 85% CLTV on 2Y and up to 80% CLTV on 1Y
  • Max DTI 55%
  • Loan amounts up to $4 million
  • Max cash-on-hand $1 million, no limit CLTV < 55%
  • P&L by Licensed CPA, Enrolled Tax Agent, or Licensed Tax Preparer
  • No bank statement required
  • Super Prime & Prime programs
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted for reserves, down payment, and closing costs