Webinar – Bank Statements Are All You Need

June 02, 2021
Webinar – Bank Statements Are All You Need

Listen along to learn with David King, Wholesale Account Executive Carla Biancaniello, and Regional Wholesale Team Manager Jerry Mojarro about how bank statement loans work, how they benefit borrowers when conventional loans don’t, and how A&D Mortgage’s free concierge service for income calculation helps brokers speed the approval process along.


In the realm of unconventional financing, bank statement loans stand out for their unique advantages. Our trio of experts sheds light on how these loans cater to the needs of borrowers, offering a viable solution where traditional avenues may fall short. The discussion delves into the nuances of eligibility criteria, showcasing the flexibility that bank statement loans bring to the table.

A&D Mortgage takes center stage in this discourse, offering not only financial solutions but also a revolutionary approach to service. The spotlight turns to A&D Mortgage’s free concierge service for income calculation, a pivotal tool that empowers brokers. This innovative service not only simplifies the income verification process but also significantly expedites loan approval timelines.

Brokers, in particular, stand to benefit from A&D Mortgage’s commitment to efficiency. The discussion unfolds to reveal the comprehensive support provided by the company, highlighting its dedication to streamlining the borrowing experience. By combining financial expertise with cutting-edge services, A&D Mortgage emerges as a reliable partner for both brokers and borrowers alike.

To further explore the groundbreaking offerings of A&D Mortgage, brokers and borrowers are encouraged to visit the company’s website at A&D Mortgage’s. There, a wealth of information awaits, providing a deeper understanding of how A&D Mortgage is redefining the landscape of mortgage lending, one innovative service at a time.

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