Foreign Nationals Full Doc

No score or FICO 660 Up to 75% CLTV

Our Foreign National Full Doc program is designed for individuals living abroad who are interested in purchasing or refinancing investment property in the US. This program features a flexible and efficient alternative documentation process and realistic guidelines, which makes it easier for foreign borrowers to qualify for a loan and ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Program features
  • Loan amounts up to $3 million
  • Overseas assets allowed as reserves
  • Cash-out allowed
  • One bank reference letter
  • CPA Letter for the last 2 years & year-to-date
Why choose our Foreign National Full Doc?
  • Homeownership outside the US is allowed
  • Gift funds allowed
  • RON closing
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Program details

Loan amounts up to $3 million
Overseas assets allowed
RON allowed
Cash-out allowed 
Up to 43% DTI
Up to 75% СLTV purchase / Up to 65% СLTV cash-out
Investment properties
Max cash-in-hand $1 million, no limit for LTV < 55% 
Letter from a foreign CPA providing income for the last 2 years and YTD earnings required
No ownership required
12 months of reserves required 
Gift funds allowed (borrower contribution required — 20%) for down payment, closing cost, and reserves 
0x30x12 and 0x90x24
24 months out of credit event
SFR, townhomes, condo warrantable/non-warrantable (limited review), condotel, 2-4 units, PUD, SFR rural, manufactured housing, short-term rentals, leasehold, multifamily property, mixed-use
30 & 40-year fixed, 5/6 & 7/6 ARM
5/6 ARM, 30-year fixed, 40-year fixed. 120 months of I/O period, 240/360 months of amortization, qualified at amortized PITIA payment after I/O period, IO product not allowed in IL
Foreign National
Individuals, LLCs/Corp without a hit 
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Foreign Nationals Full Doc FAQ

Can a Foreign National purchase property in the US?

Yes. A&D offers solutions for investment properties only. Foreign Nationals can qualify with documentation for the income generated in their residence country OR just with the cash flow from the subject property.

Can borrowers use a Foreign National loan to buy a home?

Foreign National loans are intended to be used to purchase homes as investments, not primary residences.

What if Foreign National loan borrowers want to purchase a primary residence in the US?

They will need to be a US resident and obtain a regular mortgage.

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