Foreign Nationals

A&D Mortgage is the leader in working with people abroad that want to buy or refinance their property that is located in the United States. ADM’s focus is to make sure that any borrower who comes through our door has an option to finance. Our Foreign National program is a flexible alternative documentation program with realistic guidelines to help more borrowers qualify.

Program highlights:

  • 65% LTV
  • Loans up to $2,000,000
  • CPA Letter or Employment Letter
  • No Income Option
  • 2 Credit reference letter

We will call you back if you have any questions

  • We will contact you if you have any questions

Other Programs

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Prime Access

- 1 day from BK, FC
- 600 min FICO
- 75% LTV
- FD, Bank Statements, CPA P&L, Asset Utilization

Non Permanent Resident

- 75% LTV
- 680 Credit Score
- Bank Statements Allowed

Prime Jumbo

- Full Documentation
- Primary residence & Second home
- 80% LTV
- 720 FICO (80% LTV)
- Cash out allowed up to 65 LTV

Full Doc NQM

- Traditional Income Docs
- Loan amount up to $2mm
- 80% LTV
- 680 FICO (80% LTV)