Bank Statement Loans, Part 4: How to Market Them to Attract Non-Traditional Borrowers

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February 27, 2024
Bank Statement Loans, Part 4: How to Market Them to Attract Non-Traditional Borrowers


As we draw our 4-part series on bank statement loans to a close, this final installment turns our attention to the marketing of these specialized loan services. In previous parts we navigated through the intricacies of bank statement loans, from the foundational understanding and latest trends to the nuanced aspects of risk assessment. Now we focus on strategies for mortgage brokers to market bank statement loans and engage non-traditional borrowers. This segment sheds light on marketing approaches that can bridge the gap between mortgage brokers and potential clients who stand to benefit from bank statement loans yet might not be fully aware of their options. Through this series, our goal has been to equip mortgage brokers with a holistic view of bank statement loans. That enables brokers to cater to a diverse clientele and navigate the challenges and opportunities of these loans.

Bank statement loans can potentially become a beacon of hope for non-traditional borrowers. These include self-employed individuals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, who might not qualify for traditional mortgages due to their unique income situations. For mortgage brokers, tapping into this market requires a nuanced approach to marketing. It should highlight the flexibility and accessibility of bank statement loans. Here are effective strategies to market these services and attract a broader clientele base.

Understand Your Audience

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Before diving into marketing strategies, it’s crucial to understand the challenges and needs of non-traditional borrowers. Their income might be stable but doesn’t conform to the standard W-2 documentation that traditional lenders typically require. Tailor your messaging to address their specific concerns, such as the difficulty of proving income through traditional means, and highlight how bank statement loans can be a solution.

Utilize Targeted Digital Marketing

  1. Social Media Campaigns. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are ideal for reaching self-employed professionals and small business owners. Use targeted ads to reach audiences based on their job titles, interests, and behaviors that align with non-traditional employment.
  2. Content Marketing. Create informative blog posts, videos, and infographics that explain the benefits of bank statement loans, the application process, and success stories of those who’ve benefited from them. SEO-optimized content can help your website rank higher in search results for terms related to bank statement loans and self-employed mortgages.
  3. Email Marketing. Develop a segmented email list to send personalized content to prospects who have shown interest in mortgage solutions for non-traditional earners. Offer valuable insights, tips, and updates on bank statement loans to keep your audience engaged.

Partner with Industry Professionals

Building relationships with accountants, financial advisors, and tax preparers who serve self-employed clients can be a goldmine for referrals. These professionals can recommend your services to clients who are in the market for a home but may not qualify for conventional loans. Consider offering to host joint informational seminars or webinars to educate potential borrowers about their options.

Offer Educational Workshops and Webinars

Education is key to demystifying bank statement loans for non-traditional borrowers. Host free workshops or online webinars to walk potential clients through the basics of bank statement loans, eligibility criteria, and the application process. This not only positions you as an authority in the field but also builds trust with your audience.

Leverage Success Stories

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Testimonials and case studies from satisfied clients can be powerful marketing tools. Share stories of non-traditional borrowers who successfully obtained a mortgage through your bank statement loan services. Real-life examples can help potential clients see themselves in these success stories, making the service more relatable and attainable.

Use Direct Mail Strategically

While digital marketing is crucial, don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted direct mail campaign. Target neighborhoods with high concentrations of self-employed individuals and small business owners. Personalized letters or postcards that outline the benefits of bank statement loans can capture the attention of potential borrowers who may not be actively searching online.

Stay Active in Community Networks

Participate in local business events, fairs, and networking groups to raise awareness of your services. Offering to speak at events or sponsor local entrepreneur meet-ups can enhance your visibility and credibility among non-traditional borrowers in your community.

Conclusion: How to Market Bank Statement Loans

It is quite demanding to market bank statement loan services to non-traditional borrowers. It requires a blend of education, targeted digital marketing, and community engagement. By addressing the unique needs and concerns of this audience, mortgage brokers can expand their client base and provide valuable solutions to those who might otherwise be excluded from the housing market. Remember, the key to success is showing empathy, providing value, and building trust with potential clients.


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