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12/24 Months Bank Statements

Perfect fit for self-employed borrowers who are unable to document income with tax returns. A&D Mortgage provides flexibility for the borrower that cannot obtain financing with traditional tax returns. ADM knows borrowers should not miss out on the opportunity of home ownership just because they don’t fit into the box that traditional, out-dated lenders require.

Program highlights:

  • FICO 580
  • 90% LTV
  • Loan Amount up to $4mm​
  • Max Cash in hand $1,000,000, no limit for LTV < 55%​
  • 3 Months Reserves​
  • 12 Months from Bankruptcy, Foreclosure​
  • Mtg History 0x60x12​
  • Combination of Business and Personal Bank STMTs allowed​
  • Condo and condotels allowed

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We will call you back if you have any questions.

  • We will contact you if you have any questions

Other Programs

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Asset Utilization

- FICO 580
- 80% LTV
- Cash out up to 75% LTV
- Savings and CHK. 100%
- Securities at 90%
- Retirement at 70%
- Cash out available
- Income calculation -All Eligible Assets Divided by 60
- Super Prime & Prime Programs

Full Doc Non-QM

- FICO 580
- 90% LTV
- Loan Amount up to $4mm​
- Max Cash in hand $1,000,000, no limit for LTV < 55%
- Cash out up to 80% LTV​
- Traditional Income​
- 2Y Credit Event allowed​
- Super Prime & Prime Programs​
- Condo up to 90% LTV​
- Condotels allowed

Prime Jumbo

- Min. FICO 660
- Up to 89.99% LTV
- 15 & 30 Year Fixed up to $3mm
- Cash out up to 89.99% LTV
- Manual UW for over $2mm
- DU Approve/Ineligible
- No Mortgage Insurance required
- Primary, Second Home and Investment properties are allowed
- Purchase, Rate/Term Refinance and Cash Out Refinance
- Delayed financing is available up to 180 days
- No Overlays on Reserves, Credit and Tradelines – per DU
- Income as per DU


- FICO 599
- Up to 80% LTV
- Loan Amount up to $3mm
- Max Cash in Hand $1,000,000, no limit for LTV <55%
- 30 Year Fixed, 5/1 ARM, 7/1ARM
- No Income, No Employment
- DSCR as low as 0
- Cash Out Proceeds may be used for Reserves
- Eligible for Non-Permanent Residents (Foreign National
DSCR is available under Foreign National Program)
- Ownership of any Property within the past 24 Months