Great 0.250 Savings on Prime Jumbo

April 18, 2024
Great 0.250 Savings on Prime Jumbo

Starting from Monday, April 8, embrace our exciting Update – Savings on Prime Jumbo. This promotion will give you an edge in the market, so don’t miss out!

Prime Jumbo Special: Enhance Your Loan Portfolio

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide unparalleled service and products, we’re rolling out a special promotion exclusive to all submissions outside of California – a generous 0.250 price improvement on our Prime Jumbo loans.

This is a unique chance to expand your portfolio with high-value loans while offering an attractive incentive to your clients. With this exclusive credit, you can better serve the diverse needs of your borrowers and secure their dream homes with more favorable terms.

Key Highlights of the Prime Jumbo Special

  • Applicable to all submissions starting from 04/08/2024
  • Exclusive to Prime Jumbo loans (excluding California)
  • A substantial 0.250 credit to benefit your clients

This adjustment in our A&D Rates and Guidelines is another example of A&D’s ‘Power of Yes’ philosophy. Say ‘yes’ more often to your clients’ aspirations!

How to Make the Most of This Promotion

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  1. Review the updated guidelines and rates on our Partner portal.
  2. Reach out to your potential clients who are in the market for jumbo loans and let them know about this limited-time offer.
  3. Prepare your team to handle the increased interest and submissions that are sure to follow.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your product offerings and provide even greater value to your clients. We appreciate your dedication and hard work.

A&D Mortgage is here to support you every step of the way, so please feel free to reach out to your account representative for more details or assistance.

Let’s make this a productive season!