No Matter the Crisis, A&D Mortgage Helps You Thrive

January 31, 2023
No Matter the Crisis, A&D Mortgage Helps You Thrive
With rates starting to soften and some lenders recently having to close their doors, A&D Mortgage is here for those affected – offering support and a helping hand through these turbulent times.
Despite the decreasing markets, there are still high-quality mortgage services available from responsible and diligent providers who leverage risk-conscious measures when evaluating loan applications and provide superior assistance during the process.
Let’s face it: housing will always be in demand so don’t let your clients be left out of obtaining your dream home due to an unpredictable industry!
Why A&D Remains Strong:
  • We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • Our proprietary Non-QM programs allow us to make every decision about a loan’s viability, grant exceptions when necessary, and securitize those loans for the capital markets
  • By constantly monitoring the markets, we can offer your clients the most competitive rates while remaining fiscally sound and stable
  • The diversity of our program portfolio:
  • No income DSCR loans
  • The ability to work with Foreign Nationals and Non-Permanent Residents
  • No W2s or Tax Return: Alternative income documentation programs for small business owners and self-employed borrowers that allow Bank StatementsP&LsWVOEs, and 1099s to prove the borrower’s ability to repay.
We’ve thrived through the 2008 financial crisis, COVID, and last year’s rate turbulences. Brokers can trust that A&D’s years of experience as an esteemed lender will propel them forward and help borrowers realize the joys of homeownership.
From Conventional to Government, Non-QM loans – we’ve got it all! And since 2005, our clients have been reaping the benefits: swift turn times, competitive rates, and a top-notch lending experience.
And, if you haven’t become a broker partner with A&D Mortgage yet, there has never been a better time to start!