Self-employed borrowers with good credit who have trouble getting a mortgage financed through traditional lending channels or Government-Sponsored Enterprises don’t need to be written off from owning a home. Just because your client might have too many tax deductions or pay fluctuations, that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t own a home.

Our Non-QM Bank Statement Loan program allows self-employed borrowers to seek a home loan without showing net income on taxes or pay stubs. We look at their income over 12 or 24 months using personal or business bank statements, and if your client meets our criteria, they can get a mortgage loan with a competitive rate.

Some analysts are predicting that the Non-QM market in the U.S. could grow to as much as $100 billion in 2022 – a four-fold increase from 2021 revenues. This projection reflects the increasing importance of the Non-QM loan sector.

This is good news for the millions of borrowers who don’t fit the “traditional” profile for conforming or government loans, including small business owners, self-employed contractors and gig economy workers who make up nearly 50% of the private workforce.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into Bank Statement loans, please fill out this form and you’ll receive a free and exclusive PDF by email.

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