BOO! Halloween is peaking out from around the corner, and that means haunting holiday expenses are too. Below are a few tips and tricks for celebrating Halloween like a budget magician:

Decoration inspiration for tenants:

Are you currently renting and want to make where you live a little spooky for halloween? Here are some considerations: When looking for things to buy, think portable and adaptable, rather than made-to-measure banners, heavy outdoor lighting, and oversized inflatables. Those can get pricey to customize, are inconvenient on moving day, and may not fit at your next place.

Decoration inspiration for homeowners:

It’s worth investing in awesome decor items if you have room to store it in a box all year round. That way, you can buy custom decorations, big or small, and reuse them annually.

Pumpkin carving or painting is a fun, affordable activity that can also turn into creative decoration pieces. Pick out some small- medium sized pumpkins for each family member, and paint them with printed stencils of bats, eyes, witches, or Halloween phrases. Lights are always a fun add-on. Consider purchasing lights that can also be used for Christmas decorations such as white, orange, and purple colored lights.

Candles are a simple, but yet effective touch for setting a Halloween vibe in the evening. Whether you’re throwing a party, or preparing for trick-or -treaters to pass by, when using candles light them on a safe surface and keep an eye on them if a lot of people are around. LED candles are a great and safe option too, and are also reusable for decorating purposes on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Treating Trick-or-Treaters sweetly:

Young little pirates, fairies, and superheroes are reaching out to you with their plastic pumpkin baskets already half-full with candy worth an upcoming trip to the local dentist.  A large bag of assorted chocolates or candies should be plenty for a night of visitors, as long as you portion control. Putting two mini chocolate bars inside a small mesh bag and giving one bag per trick-or-treater, will make the process of handing out candies easier, and sweeter. TIP: If you are giving out sweets containing allergens, print a sign and tape it on your door so parents are aware that the candy you’re giving out may have ingredients to beware of! Most parents will be on top of that anyway, but it’s a good safety protocol to follow.

Will you be the trick-or-treaters this year? If you are dressing up and trick or treating with friends, or with your kids in a suburb area, look for the houses with the most decorations for the best candy. Many times people who go all out on decorations for their homes end up creating thrilling experience where you feel like you just walked through a haunted house to win your sweets. Are a lot of kids and families circling a certain block? That gives good reason to check out that zone and see what all the zombies and princesses are running after.

Need a costume? DIY!

Here are some suggestions that you can put together with the basics in your closet and makeup:

Cat- Find an all black outfit. If your pants have a belt loop, tie a ribbon on your back belt loop to create a tail effect. Long hair? Perfect! Grab two hair ties, and make two buns on the top of your head to resemble cat ears. For your make-up, we suggest following this simple tutorial of how to do cat makeup.

Angel- Fly through your closet in search of an all white outfit. Check your pantry and see if you have aluminum foil in stock. Rip a piece of foil and shape it in an open circle to fit your head like a halo. If you would like to add a touch of makeup, go for silver toned eyeshadow,soft pink lipstick, and red blush. If people ask you where your wings are, carry around a sealed can of Red Bull as part of your costume, because, you know- Red Bull gives you wings…

Scientist-Try on a button down shirt tucked into any pants, and layer it with a white jacket, or coat- preferably an oversized one. To accessorise the look, put a pen and calculator in your button down shirt pocket and carry around a notebook. Before you head out to the party, see if you have yellow gloves lying around in the kitchen to tie the costume together.

Google, and Pinterest are decorated with options for DIY costumes, too!  

If you rather get a ready made costume, check out Amazon for some choices to be sent right to your doorstep.

Halloween Parties, HOA, and your neighbors:

Thinking about having a halloween party? A few things to keep in mind: Does your community have a board and homeowners association? What are their rules? Check in advance to make sure you’re not violating any enforced codes with your home decorations, party hours, and noise levels. You and your guests want to have a good time- maybe consider inviting your neighbors to the magical event you’re planning so they can join in on the fun, split party costs with you, and this will also help in avoiding potential noise complaints.

It’s common for people living in gated communities to team up with a few neighbors and host a two hour “block party” on Halloween night for families with kids. As long as the board and association approve of it, Halloween block parties have many benefits:

  • Helps keep trick- or- treating times within a timeframe.
  • Kids will know that these are the two designated hours of getting sweets, and prevents you from getting knocks on your door all night.
  • Improved safety by making owners and renters aware to drive extra carefully around that time.
  • Creates a good opportunity for kids to play and meet new friends in their complex.

If you live in a building, we suggest asking your management team in advance to create a list by the front desk, or hang it by the front door for people who want to participate in giving out candy on Halloween night to write their unit numbers on. Snap a picture of the list on your way upstairs, and use it as a guide with your kids.

From the spooktacular team at A&D Mortgage, we wish you and your family a happy, safe, and delicious Halloween!