As temperatures heat up, and the sun shines bright for the next few months, there are a few things to consider to make sure your home is cool, safe, and fun-proof during the Summer season:

A/C Maintenance:

It is recommended to have your air conditioning checked and maintained before Summer to prevent any leaks or low freon, which would cause the AC to stop running, and you to start sweating! According to, a rarely unchanged air filter is the #1 reason HVAC systems fail, leading to expensive repairs. In humid environments it is especially important to leave your windows and doors closed while the AC is on, to avoid any mold or mildew issues from forming.

There are ways to prepare for the unexpected: in case the AC does go down, store battery operated fans in your home, for every bedroom and living area, to stay cool while you wait for an AC repair company to arrive, and save the day.

Pool Cleaning:

Check out this detailed pool maintenance guide provided by Swimming pools are meant to be for fun and relaxation. These steps will help keep your pool well-kempt, and ready for you to host a spontaneous backyard party.

TIP: Before throwing a pool party bash, set-up a big bucket with freshly cleaned towels near the swimming area for your guests.

Backyard Upkeeping:

Speaking of backyard parties, if you live in tropical weather it is recommended to keep track of forecast conditions to cover your furniture and BBQ grill in time, prior to rainfall. This will help prevent any rusting, or wear and tear on your chairs and tables. suggests making sure lawns receive at least one inch of water a week, and even a bit more in places where heat is extreme.

Flood/ Hurricane Insurance:

Property owners with homes in areas that may potentially be impacted by hurricanes are encouraged to secure their place with a homeowners insurance that includes hurricane damage coverage. A homeowners insurance policy will typically cover wind damages incurred by hurricanes, but not flooding, as per the Wall Street Journal. A flood insurance policy must be purchased separately. Floods may occur at any time of the year either due to natural causes, or because of leaky appliances, and other accidental reasons.

Fridge and Freezer Facts:

Storm winds may prompt a power outage. Stash an extra bag of ice in your freezer in case your electricity goes out. (’s advice is to prepare sealed bags of ice to use in your fridge if necessary.)  Cleaning your fridge out weekly of any perishables will help prevent rotten food odors, and mold from spreading during a power loss.

Stay hydrated and refreshed!  If your fridge doesn’t have a water dispenser, water filtration pitchers are a great way of getting clean drinking water. Here is a list of this year’s top rated pitchers for your home.

Be steps ahead this Summer for things that may happen in your home. And most of all, enjoy the sunny season!