Articles by Carl Holman

  1. Condotel and Condominium Financing: Understanding the Basics
  2. Does the Housing Market Need a ‘Swift Effect’?
  3. DSCR Loans: A Guide for Mortgage Brokers Working with Real Estate Investors
  4. Navigating Financing Challenges for Condotel Investments
  5. Assessing Risks and Returns in Condotel Investments
  6. Managing Client Expectations: Setting Realistic Goals and Timelines in the Mortgage Process
  7. Navigating the Mortgage Process for Non-Permanent Residents
  8. The Importance of Compliance and Ethical Practices in Mortgage Brokering
  9. Exploring the Top 10 Most Affordable Cities in Massachusetts
  10. Understanding Credit Scores and Their Impact on Mortgage Approvals
  11. Mortgage Mavericks: On the Job with Rob Chrisman
  12. Unconventional Wisdom for Mortgage Brokers: Unlocking the Potential of Conventional Mortgages
  13. The Perils of Artificial Intelligence in Mortgage Brokering
  14. Revolutionizing Mortgage Brokering: How AI Can Help You Expand Your Business
  15. HUD Rule on 40-Year Mortgage Terms: Potential Upsides and Downsides
  16. A&D Mortgage: Great at Non-QM Loans — And Conventional, Too!
  17. A&D Records Record-Breaking $7 Million Loan
  18. Non-QM Loans are Great Option for Self-Employed Millennial Homebuyers
  19. IMPORTANT BROKER NEWS: Shutting Down OpenClose for New Submissions on June 8th
  20. Improved Rates & LLPAs on Prime Jumbo
  21. Check Us Out on Scotsman Guide’s June Cover!
  22. Empower Your Business With Our Technology
  23. A&D Market Digest for 5/30/22
  24. Great Information You Can Bank On
  25. AD NewsChat – The Power of Yes with One Finger
  26. Your Non-QM Solution for Non-Warrantable Condos
  27. A&D Market Digest for 5/23/22
  28. A&D Mortgage Named Among South Florida Top Workplaces
  29. It’s not taxing to submit loans for a 25 bps pricing adjustment
  30. Not All Borrowers Fit Neatly Into The Boxes
  31. A&D Market Digest for 4/11/22 – High rates, flat yield curves
  32. Partner with A&D on a DSCR loan
  33. A&D Market Digest for 4/4/22 – Inflation Impacting Rates
  34. 25 bps Price Adjustments on Non-QM Interest Only loans
  35. Automated Decision Manager Launches!
  36. A&D Market Digest for 3/21/22 – A New World of Rate Hikes
  37. A&D Market Digest for 3/16/22 – Impact of Oil Price Increases
  38. Can borrowers use WVOEs or 1099s to get a mortgage? YES!
  39. A&D Market Digest for 3/1/22 – Future Volatility May Impact Rates
  40. Does Your Lender Work with Non-Permanent Residents? We Do!
  41. New Broker Origination Portal Launching Soon
  42. Upcoming COVID Rollbacks and GSE Reminders
  43. Does your lender work with Foreign Nationals? We do!
  44. Non-QM Sector Expected To Have A Banner Year In 2022
  45. A&D Mortgage Launches Weekly Webinar Series
  46. Yes! We Finance Non-Warrantable Condos Loans Up to 90% LTV
  47. AD Appraisal Center Launches on February 1
  48. A&D Mortgage Introduces AD Studio
  49. New Possibilities in New Year with Conventional Loans
  50. New Year, New Tech.
  51. Non-QM loans are a stable option for originators
  52. A&D Mortgage Now on Telegram!
  53. A&D Releases Improved Quick Pricer tool for Non-QM Loans
  54. Non-QM Program Updates
  55. New FHA Loan Limits in 2022!
  56. Increased LTV for Foreign National Loans
  57. New Conventional Loan Limit Increases for 2022 from $548,250 to $647,200!
  58. Non-QM Mortgages: Getting more business when Conventional rates rise
  59. Are brokers finally casting aside their refi comfort blanket?
  60. New LLPA Enhancements to Non-QM Programs
  61. New Conventional Loan Programs Launched
  62. Increased Conventional Loan Limits
  63. Webinar – Q&A – The Highlights of Non-QM for Inquiring Minds
  64. Webinar – DSCR – No Income Verification? No Problem!
  65. Webinar – Jumbo Loans Make a BIG Impact
  66. Webinar – Bank Statements Are All You Need
  67. Webinar – NON-QM Mixer: Everything You Need to Know about Non-QM Products!
  68. Non-QMs Are an Undiscovered Gold Mine – Here’s Why 
  69. How Brokers Can Help Unconventional Borrowers Buy a Home
  70. A&D Mortgage in the News
  71. A&D Mortgage Releases Competitive Prime Jumbo Loan Product
  72. A&D Mortgage Recognized with Marketing and Communication Awards
  73. Effective Immediately – Non-QM Program Updates
  74. Exclusive Specials for Conventional Loans
  75. No Overlay Fannie Mae Programs
  76. Careful Underwriting Makes this a Valuable Loan
  77. A&D to Issue Non-QM Bonds
  78. Saying “Yes” to More Borrowers With Non-QM Loans
  79. Mortgage rate movements bring refinancing back to a tipping point.
  80. Holiday Special
  81. The leaves are falling and so are our rates on 2-4 unit properties
  82. New UW Guidelines and Reduced Rates
  83. Back to School Owner Occupied