Articles by Carl Holman

  1. Unconventional Wisdom for Mortgage Brokers: Unlocking the Potential of Conventional Mortgages
  2. DSCR Loans: A Guide for Mortgage Brokers Working with Real Estate Investors
  3. The Perils of Artificial Intelligence in Mortgage Brokering
  4. Revolutionizing Mortgage Brokering: How AI Can Help You Expand Your Business
  5. HUD Rule on 40-Year Mortgage Terms: Potential Upsides and Downsides
  6. A&D Mortgage: Great at Non-QM Loans — And Conventional, Too!
  7. A&D Records Record-Breaking $7 Million Loan
  8. Non-QM Loans are Great Option for Self-Employed Millennial Homebuyers
  9. IMPORTANT BROKER NEWS: Shutting Down OpenClose for New Submissions on June 8th
  10. Improved Rates & LLPAs on Prime Jumbo
  11. Check Us Out on Scotsman Guide’s June Cover!
  12. Empower Your Business With Our Technology
  13. A&D Market Digest for 5/30/22
  14. Great Information You Can Bank On
  15. AD NewsChat – The Power of Yes with One Finger
  16. Your Non-QM Solution for Non-Warrantable Condos
  17. A&D Market Digest for 5/23/22
  18. A&D Mortgage Named Among South Florida Top Workplaces
  19. It’s not taxing to submit loans for a 25 bps pricing adjustment
  20. Not All Borrowers Fit Neatly Into The Boxes
  21. A&D Market Digest for 4/11/22 – High rates, flat yield curves
  22. Partner with A&D on a DSCR loan
  23. A&D Market Digest for 4/4/22 – Inflation Impacting Rates
  24. 25 bps Price Adjustments on Non-QM Interest Only loans
  25. Automated Decision Manager Launches!
  26. A&D Market Digest for 3/21/22 – A New World of Rate Hikes
  27. A&D Market Digest for 3/16/22 – Impact of Oil Price Increases
  28. Can borrowers use WVOEs or 1099s to get a mortgage? YES!
  29. A&D Market Digest for 3/1/22 – Future Volatility May Impact Rates
  30. Does your lender work with Non-Permanent Residents? We do!
  31. New Broker Origination Portal Launching Soon
  32. Upcoming COVID Rollbacks and GSE Reminders
  33. Does your lender work with Foreign Nationals? We do!
  34. Non-QM Sector Expected To Have A Banner Year In 2022
  35. A&D Mortgage Launches Weekly Webinar Series
  36. Yes! We Finance Non-Warrantable Condos Loans Up to 90% LTV
  37. AD Appraisal Center Launches on February 1
  38. A&D Mortgage Introduces AD Studio
  39. New Possibilities in New Year with Conventional Loans
  40. New Year, New Tech.
  41. Non-QM loans are a stable option for originators
  42. A&D Mortgage Now on Telegram!
  43. A&D Releases Improved Quick Pricer tool for Non-QM Loans
  44. Non-QM Program Updates
  45. New FHA Loan Limits in 2022!
  46. Increased LTV for Foreign National Loans
  47. New Conventional Loan Limit Increases for 2022 from $548,250 to $647,200!
  48. Non-QM Mortgages: Getting more business when Conventional rates rise
  49. Are brokers finally casting aside their refi comfort blanket?
  50. New LLPA Enhancements to Non-QM Programs
  51. New Conventional Loan Programs Launched
  52. Increased Conventional Loan Limits
  53. Webinar – Q&A – The Highlights of Non-QM for Inquiring Minds
  54. Webinar – DSCR – No Income Verification? No Problem!
  55. Webinar – Jumbo Loans Make a BIG Impact
  56. Webinar – Bank Statements Are All You Need
  57. Webinar – NON-QM Mixer: Everything You Need to Know about Non-QM Products!
  58. Non-QMs Are an Undiscovered Gold Mine – Here’s Why 
  59. How Brokers Can Help Unconventional Borrowers Buy a Home
  60. A&D Mortgage in the News
  61. A&D Mortgage Releases Competitive Prime Jumbo Loan Product
  62. A&D Mortgage Recognized with Marketing and Communication Awards
  63. Effective Immediately – Non-QM Program Updates
  64. Exclusive Specials for Conventional Loans
  65. No Overlay Fannie Mae Programs
  66. Careful Underwriting Makes this a Valuable Loan
  67. A&D to Issue Non-QM Bonds
  68. Saying “Yes” to More Borrowers With Non-QM Loans
  69. Mortgage rate movements bring refinancing back to a tipping point.
  70. Holiday Special
  71. The leaves are falling and so are our rates on 2-4 unit properties
  72. New UW Guidelines and Reduced Rates
  73. Back to School Owner Occupied